Welcome to the Tadabase community, the space for all Tadabasers to collaborate, help each other out, exchange ideas, and inspire world class database web apps! This is also where we'll keep you in the loop with the latest in our development, including updates, announcements, and feature requests. If you're experiencing any technical issues or bugs, please create a support ticket instead of posting as a new topic so we can catch the issue and address it as soon as possible!

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Please try to solve the reported bugs as your earliest

I just want to submit that I think Tadabase is a fantastic venture and is the kind of solution I've always wanted to see. There are so many CMSes and fancy front-end web-page-builders out there but virtually none even attempt at providing a solution for a database-driven full-featured web app like Tadabase tackles head-on. I'm also glad I'm lucky enough to have discovered Tadabase while it's in its free Beta phase. Thanks to the team for their hard work, and good luck to all of us in our Tadabase projects!

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