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Setting UNIQUE value to a Text Field still allows similar values input


I would like to know when this bug would be solved by your team.

Unique value warning message does work for numeric values but does not work for Text values which can still be copied in the table even though the Unique restriction is activated. 



This will be resolved as soon as possible. I'm converting this to a ticket so it can be addressed asap. 

Hi Moe

Yes, confirming non unique values still is possible to add on our side - even with Unique Value in field Activated.

The values concerned is:

- Uppercase

- 3 Letters (not numbers)

- set as unique value in Table.

No warning message when editing directly the table, Green mesj confirm values has been registered succesfully

Value tested is "BOL" and is indeed added with no problem to the Table...other 3 letters similar values also is possible

*see pictures. image


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