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Filter for latest or X number of records

There currently doesn't seem to be an obvious way to filter/return the current record(s) or the highest/lowest X-number of records either server-side or front-end. Have I missed something or is there a workaround?

Would you mind elaborating perhaps with an example so I can try and assist better? When you say highest/lowest you mean if you have a number field filter based on the value? Inside any component you can open the data source tab and filter from there. 

If you can clarify I'll see what we can do to accommodate. 


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No problem, Moe. I suppose the simplest way to explain it is that I'm wanting to limit the number of records returned from a filter by a set amount. Examples of use cases would be returning a single row of the most recent entry (so 'highest'/'greatest' 1 record) and another case could be returning the top 5 most populated locations recorded in a table (so highest 5 records out of a much larger total count). The latter example would be especially helpful with the charts components.

In another topic I requested AutoNumber fields be enabled for use in formulas and if that is successfully implemented I believe that would be enough for users to achieve this on their own, but it may also be worth considering having the builder offer this as a filter option explicitly.

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