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How do I filter records according to the User logged in ?


As far as I can see the Exanple given in the tutorial,

my App settings do NOT include the expression "user logged" 

*see 2nd capture below. 

.is that expression already available or where can I get it ?





Kuiky, filtering based on records connected to logged in user only works if the users table has a connection to the second table. In your example, it appears that your table called 'institutions' is connected to users, but users is not connected to institutions. For this to work, add a connection from users table to institutions and you'll be able to filter based on related record. 

The main point of this feature is so you can assign a user to a particular record and only show those records for logged in user. 

Here is the article for your reference:

Thanks Moe,

Yes I could work it out lately...

I wonder if that connection is based on the "User ID unique" field value....or can another Field be selected,

as a user name...and the relation still be able to work...although the name could be a non unique value in the table...


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