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Combining Numeric+Text value for a searchable ID ref


I would like to see very soon the option of gathering two values from a Numeric and another Exte field in order to produce a third field. similar to this.




1) The resulting value should be setable as a UNIQUE value in the table.

2) This field would then be used as an ID reference to identify and retrieve records.

Combining Text+numeric shorten the quantities of ref. compared to an "only  numeric" values ID.

Meanwhile this also allow the creation of sub categories based on the firs XXX text characters...

PS: As of now - the use of a single Full text value field does NOT work correctly when setting it as unique.


Kuiky, have you looked into using text formula field? You can combine multiple text and/or number fields inside one field then use that field as the display field for the connecting table. The main issue is that text formulas can not be set as unique at this time. We will look into if this will be possible.

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Hi, yes I ve looked that option too. indeed an Item combining Numbers+text would probably need to be processed as Text field, as you mention, the limitation as for now is that duplicating this value is still possible...

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