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Add populate a row with data from a different table using Page Builder/Forms

Hello all,

So here's my challenge. I have three tables:

1 - Products

2 - Orders

3 - Order Details

The orders and order details are connected via order ID field so one can add many products to an order.

How, using the page builder and forms, can you show the order details relating to an order and, add additional products to the order details by selecting items from the "products" table?

Please let me know if I need to describe it in more detail.

Apologies if its blindingly obvious how to do this. I am still learning how to use Tadabase.

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Gene I believe this was addressed with our support staff via chat. If you're still experiencing any issues with this please let me know. 


This case is similar to my own posted How to build a Master-Detail page?

Please, help.

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