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Not displaying/Hiding Line reporting only Zeros

It seems that there is a way  using an IF CONDITION to hide a Column.

How about an IF to hide a full line.


Several lines of distinct items report zero in all their columns.

A calculated field was added to SUM all content from a Line.

I would like to formulate:

If that SUM is 0 (Zero)

Than, Hide the full line.

This would save display space on a Screen well as Page lines printing when PDF is available...or for exporting too.

*see screen sample, 3 empty lines : YC, PR, XXX)

 Sum up is made in the last column = 0


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Just found out this is already available using :

Data Source : Match All FILTERS.

Calculated field summing all values from "wanted to hide" columns is necessary previously.

= Cumul

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