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Updating Map Markers with Table browsing


I am wondering if there is some way to update the map markers while one is switch to another page of all table records ?



Hey Kuiky, can you please elaborate? 


Let s say I have a table containing cities of different states...

I set the Form on the page to list only 10 cities at a time.

if the first 10 cities are located in California...

Could the Map just show those 10 marker belonging to the cities of California - focusing more on the California State.

If I click NEXT, and the table list 10 other cities from another State as "New York"...

Could the Map refresh to display only the markers of those 10 cities in the State of New York

(without showing the 10 previous cities of California, nor the state of California)

By Focusing on showing ONLY the Marker related to the very page list you are browsing... CA...or NY 

this would display the Map and markers at a greater Zoomed size.

Compared to how it is working now : I get to see all markers from all States...and the map is kind of STATIC because of that.

 When a page would include few cities from several states - THEN - The Map would have to include both and be displayed at a Lower zoom size....

Sort of Dynamic Displaying Map.

Is that clearer ? 

Yes, I understand now.

Currently, there's no option to do something like this. We will try to prioritize adding more functionality to the map component.

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