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Auto Refreshing a Time input value is not active

When modifying a value online in a Time type field :

The value is not refreshed after once presses the save Button.

Instead the previous values keep being displayed - as if the value was not modified.

New value input is only displayed after one presses the Refresh button of the form Table...


When manually entering a time you need to match the time format. You can type it in using the time selector which when typing in 8:35 it will add the 0 to the front. 

cool, working much better now :) !!!

Suggestion :

 - Could 8:35 also be accepted - as a manual input- in place of 08:35 (+0...) ?

We didnt find what field settings could be set so as to accept: hh:mm before mid day , by auto-completing an input such as 8:35 with a "0" - after it has been input... if ever possible.

This has been fixed

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I have notified the team about this. Thank you!

Adding 3 Captures to this very Bug.

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