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Formula to ADD or SUBSTRACT "Slider A" Value / "Slider B" Value


It would be nice to have operations made possible based on Sliders selected values with SLIDERS formatted to use TIME HH:MM FORMAT.

Adding OR subtracting OPS only necessary...

     Slider B     -  Slider A      =    Calculating duration HH/MM

     07:30 PM  -  10:15 AM    =       9:15 HR


another case use....

     Slider B     +  Value Input      =    Calculating resulting TIME

     10:30 PM  +  02:15       =          00:45 AM  



We'll discuss this internally and see if its an option.

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Just to clarify - we'll be adding ability to calculate slider inside a formula, at this time we won't add slider formatting as time. But we'll keep that in mind as well. 

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