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Defining some keyboard KEY press - equivalent - to some TOUCHSCREEN Press.

To make editing a value in a Form a little less tedious :

1-  define the Value ENTER while user is using a Keyboard equivalent action as when the User would be pressing the UPDATE button on a touch screen.

(On a PC the User is already using the keyboard to input the value so pressing directly the ENTER key is quicker than leaving the KB, grab the mouse, move the cursor to the button a finally Press a button)

2- Selecting Up/Down values in a Listing Field would be nice using the arrows.

value 1

value 2 (move/selection by arrow keyboard)

value 3

3- It Seem that the TAB Key Press only moves the Focus on the Menu Bar... :)

A possible jump of the cursor between the Form Table columns would also help modify values in a much quicker way than grabbing the mouse to "edit" cell by cell all wanted values changes...

Maybe all this is already built-in , havent been through all your doc, yet.


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These are all great suggestions! I'll pass them along to the team. Thanks!

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