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Specific documentation/ solutions page for the Address field

My apologies if this isn't the appropriate place to bring this up (it's a request for the support site rather than the Tadabase app builders), I couldn't find a more suitable section.

When the team gets a chance, can we get a documentation 'Solutions' page dedicated to the Address field for tables?

I admit it's relatively straightforward, but the field does seem to have some nuances and it would be nice to get an overview of what use cases work best with the address field and which don't.

For example, I noticed the maps component doesn't register data in the address field if it was populated directly through the Databuilder, but the map will register the address field data if populated through a form on the front end, even if the input is identical. I have no idea if this is standard behavior or a bug, so having some more documentation about the address field would be helpful.

Thank you for your feedback! The address field should work in both cases. Lets say someone imported a bunch of addresses, that should then be displayed on the front-end. If you're having an issue with addresses being displayed please create a ticket and we will address it as soon as possible!

Thanks for the answer, Menachem. At the time I was testing/playing with the address field and various components so I'll have to make time to see if I can replicate the issue. I'll provide an update afterward.

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