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Include a SELECT FIELD among other MENU BAR Options

In order to switch from a page from Language A language B.

The use of a "Select field" with precoded values to display any wanted languages...

Action :

After a user clic select one of the linse, it is sent to the corresponding page in language B. 

a) The Home page in Language B


b) The corresponding page in Language B.

Business List - ENG

Business List - SPA

(...previously created with the page builder)

*Having a "Select language" placed directly within the Menu Bar looks nicer and more compact than to haveto add various Buttons EN,ES,FR, below the same Menu Bar  (above a Form details content...)

see pictures

You can create a dropdown menu within the menu component by adding a link nested under another. (See image)

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Thanks, I think I will use that fo this need. !

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