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Duplicate an existing FORM - for another language


as a better understanding of existing Tadabase features, one realize that a possible way of "localizing" (language) each page in a specific language can be done by copying a form and changing some titles name...

If your Team is not planning on supporting a localization  system within each page (as some Wordpress extension allows) then ...

The option of duplicating a whole existing forms would be a big plus in the time consuming localization work.

If one can duplicate a page, it avoids having to replicate all the small details and rules such as "custom column size, Font colors, show/hide conditions, etc

This way, the page would display in a very similar way independently from the language supported.

One would just need to modify some Titles and Buttons text by hand...



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Copying components and data tables has plans to be implemented today!

As far as a built in language "plug-in" we wont be adding this just yet but do have plans to work on it after we are out of beta.

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