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Allowing EXTRA Table fields to be used for the Map Address Reference build Op.

It would be great to allow the selection of Extra fields that is not possible to include in the Actual Built Address reference in order to display a Map in Google Map.

existing are : address, city, etc...

Extra would have to be: Pluscode (any Alpha type field)

New resulting built address could be : Pluscode,city name, country name (opcional)

As a result, the following 2 fields combine as an "address"  can be used to localize tiny villages adress with a great precision...even without Street name or House Numbering available... :)

Example :
VX39+P2 [pluscode] "," Yucumo [Cityname] 

Input in the single "Address" field : VX39+P2,Yucumo.
(so far its note possible to autobind the pluscode field as an address component - if i am right...   



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