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Display ICONS instead of TEXT after a select.

I first created a Category table with 3 lines of Text and their specific ICON related.

In another form I would like to assign each item its category ...and display the Icon image related.


For the Category column is possible to create a "Connection Field" that will use the category Icon Image related instead instead of the text name ?

One could pick up the "Name" but at the end it would have to display the "icon" in the form...

As for now, we can only display an Icon in each Item Line if we manualy UPLOAD repeatedly one Icon each time ....which will probably overload the APP tables !!!


Icon + text, still displayed,

Can the Icon - without any Text - be displayed instead ?

i.e. The Up/Down arrow, without the 1,2 beside..


I'll check up on this again. Sorry for the wait. As you can probably imagine, there are a lot of bugs we are working on fixing. As soon as we are out of beta (meaning tadabase is ready for a stable release with no major bugs) we can focus on all of the feature requests.

Kuiky - great news! We will be able to have this feature added tomorrow.

In display rules you now have the option to "Hide Text Value"

improvment Just tested and Working perfectly -  thanks again for this new option !!!!

Great Job... :)

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