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HIDING ZERO values only works if Value is LOWER than 1

In a Form - at the Field level : 

When we are trying to Hide some Zero Value of some columns (and present in table)

This rule :      Hide value if is 0 / Does NOT hide the Value.

While               Hide Value if Lower than 1 / DOES Hides the value succesfully

But then if the value is a negative will also probably hide that one.

(when what we want is to not display all the Zeros for easier reading)


Please confirm that you have set the display rule like the attached photo and then refreshed the page. If its still not working let us know!


It is now working but with some difficulties...

for instance :
- after refreshing the page ...2, 3, 4 times Zero still appears-

- after emptying the Cache....still appears...

- after closing the page and clicking Preview from the builder, the new page is loaded, still with Zero..

..then refreshing again....Zero Finally disappear !

..some time it will be quicker in another, the hiding works ...but not after a single refreshing of the page. (strange)


We Came to conclusion that the "if Zero than Hide value" rule...only works if you close all page refering to the rule modification once all closed... reopen a brand new page from the Builder..and Voila.

if not...Zero continues to show due to cache.,,etc..

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