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COPYING/APPLYING Display rules FEATURE from Field A to Field B


I am wondering if it would be possible to add a feature to QUICKLY Apply (or copy) an existing rule Created for a Field A in the Form A to :

1) ...a similar type Field A ..but on Form B ?

2) .. other similar Fields B, C, D... on the same Form A ?

Target Field types would be of the same kind of the Source Field.

Source Number to Target Number, 

Source Image to Target Image...etc...

when created a rule with 2 conditions, it is a bit tedious to re-write the same rule on 5 o 10 columns without a "replication mechanism"..and more prone to errors.

*See sample Icon Display Rule.

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You can copy the entire component which will include any rules you have set for it by clicking on the copy icon. (see image attached)

In the same Form, t would be interesting to copy it from one column to another,,,,hence, copying the whole component is not helping I think....

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