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How do I set the User Registration details to use Lower or upper case ?


I do not see where to set the user name input to user upper case at registration time,

any clue ?


There's no official way to do this but you can follow these steps to accomplish this.

1. Find the ID of the input you would like to transform to upper case

On chrome and most browsers you have the "Inspect" or "Inspect element" option.

Right click on the input you would like to transform to upper case an click on inspect

Then locate the id (in this case its id="field5m9N0njzqk") so the id is field5m9N0njzqk

2. Add custom css

On the page where you have the signup component click on the CSS tab and add the following


    text-transform: uppercase;


Replace "field5m9N0njzqk" with your ID

Thanks, that is nice to see there is a way to go around this problem.

(although we had hoped it could use some config setable at the Field Level in order to auto-transform each letter to its equivalent in Lower or Upercase...when typing in or when importing from Csv files)

:) :)

As of now theres no way to do this but I will speak with the team to see if this is something we can add in the future

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