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implementing a RETURN TARGET VALUE in a List Displaying SOURCE VALUES

It would be a plus if one could Define a static Target Value to be returned for each line of a Source Value displayed in a SELECT FIELD.

Example of Select box :

Source value / Target Value

English / 1

French / 2

Spanish / 3


Man / 1

Woman / 2

Else / 3

After a selection is done :

Table will then store value, 1,2,3 instead of storing the "name"...

For a use in a multi language environment, End Users can have a translated page  prepared in their own language - BUT - the selected value recorded in the single Table can now be the same whatever language the end user is using...

(at this time one could only store a value like: "Man" or "Homme" or "hombre" corresponding to the language the logged in user can understand.)

See this article and let us know if you need any further help.


Yes it seems this article would be the answer. 

Still, I am facing this issue with the USER (system) Table.

It seems that to add the Gender to all users, one needs to apply this article above.

we have tested it and it gives good results. 

One aspect though is that since it is set directly from The basis TABLE Builder (and not the Form builder)

We can only set the Gender in one specific language... and in all form translated (whatever the language is) the TEXT displayed for the Score Value is "Homme" for instance...(not the Value 1, as expected) 

Would have a way to define: 

if stored value is 1 than display the value "Homme" in the French Form / while...

if stored value is 1 than display the value "Man" in the English form..etc.

1) We do not see a way to accomplish this at the Form level.  US /FR / SPA

2) Instead of displaying word "man" the USER TABLE is it possible to display the Score value itself : 1,2,3 ?

*See our results..


For now the only way to do that would be to add it in a Basic Formula and then adding that basic formula in the table. We'll discuss adding a "Show score value" internally.

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I am playing with formulas to try to reach such result and where there seems to be a wall is trying to act at the Table level...while the process to take into account language probably needs to be implemented at the Form level... Table Level is good when you do not have to take into account Localizacion needs such as language specific words.

Another option to keep working at table level would be to use some lookup system 

along with columns for each language but this could be heavy on CPU-RAM Server compared to a substitution made on the fly at the Form Level. 

Table X - for a Source/Target values substitution :

Source value  / Target FR / Target US /Target SPA ....

            1                  Oui                  Yes                Si

            2                 Non                 No                No

           3               Peut-etre         Maybe        Quisas




 Any progress on that feature too ?

it turned to be an invaluable need.

Without this mechanism... I have no way to build any manageable App for my users...

let me know asap, please.


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