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Rule option in Form fields : If field X = n ...then...DISPLAY VALUE "Y"

An option to show a Value distinct than the recorded one.


If value of field "status" is 1....than show Value "available"

                                                     2....                     -              "booked"


(12.8 KB)

Now it would only need an auto update when form loads so as not to have to click manualy at each line...


I can speak to the team about making display rules within a table more powerful but have you tried using an action link to accomplish this? Yes, you would have to click on it to update the fields but as of now (if you wanted to do this today) thats how I would do it.

As of now, I havent gone through Action link use at all---but will investigate it next !

ok, as for what I can find :

- Action rule does not offer an IF option...

- Display Rules does not offer a Set Value option... seems that it would require combining both features above + an automating applying of the rule when the form or  the line is loading.

In the action rule you can click on the "Add New Condition" button to add an IF option.

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