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How do I display values from 2 connections in a Form based on another table ?

In a form based on Table A - I am displaying the User name values from Table User.

- When changing the User Name in the User Table, the change is also reflected in the Form A based on Table A.

Question :

Is it possible to also connect the User Gender from the User Table :

And display the Gender along with its Name on this Form B ?

I have connected both fields, but only the User Name will reflect any changes...

What is another way to obtain the Gender corresponding to each user ?

I'm not 100% sure but it sounds like the reason the gender field doesn't update along with the name is because it's on a separate connection to the same table, and what you're looking to do is to use the same connection on User Name to pull in its corresponding gender value.

If that's the case, tadabase has been making progress lately on methods/options to carry over other fields from the same record as your main connection field, they might be of some help? There's a thread about it:

If I've misunderstood your issue nevermind me, I'm just a fellow user myself! But I thought I'd try to help if I could :)

thanks S.O. - I ll give a look at it since it seems that you got the point indeed...


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Thanks for pointing that link to me...

I had seen these values down ...but did not related them to this kind of use.

I guess their reference name starting with the same name of my own Form confused me into thinking the data could not come from an external table ! (

(dumb Me not to have tried)

Now its a big Game changer for me to have found that this is possible :)

...great feature ! Thanks a lot


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I'm glad I could be of help! In the same thread I also discovered the table component in the pagebuilder also has this functionality and is labeled in a way that might be more intuitive to you (in the example below, the other table is called "Locations").

Since this on the front end it also saves you from adding another column on the back end if your data table is getting huge (though maybe you'd rather go that route if you're going to be referencing that field a lot). Just another option!


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