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How do one set the Datagrid width to be more conpact than the Menu bar

On larger monitor this page displays a Datagrid as wide as the Menu Bar on Top.

After setting all columns to use fixed pixel size.

The datagrid still look as Wide as the menu Bar. !

Where can one set the Datagrid to display in a  much more compact size - as wide as the actual content text - still  - letting the Menu Bar to use the page width at its full ?

You can customize the spacing of any component (see picture below)

Feel free to play around with that in order to make it the right settings for you (You can specify a number followed by "px" for pixels or "%" for percent

thanks, I ll try that...

I ve also noticed that adding a column and changing the layout of:

Laptop MD to "n"/12... also helps centering things nicely...

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