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PIN LEFT MENU to its position while Scrolling verticaly UP/DOWN existing fields

When Scrolling the RIGHT side  fields list...when the number of created field is numerous...the LEFT Menu tends to disappear at the top.

So, when reaching the last field at the bottom "to check its name" before creating the next one...the Right Menu is not anymore have to go up again to select/create a New filed Type before going to the bottom again... :(

If there are no other technical reasons why you d want to hide it - it would be nice to always have this menu displayed or "Pin it" where it is whenever you scroll down UP or DOWN the list of fields...


*capture shows menu disappearing when scrolling down...

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This too is another great idea of yours! 

We're actually in the process of completely rebuilding the builder and if you'd like to be transitioned to the alpha version of the builder I can transition your account to those servers. In the new builder, we've added many UI and UX enhancements like the one you mention above. We plan on rolling it out to all accounts in the first week of July. 

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Ok, fine then. )

Ok, Moe, please count me in asap.

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