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A function to retrieve THE WEEK DAY NUMBER based on a date

A way to find the Day number in a Week from a Date field : dd-mm-yyyy

functionWeekday (14-05-2019 ) = 2



etc ...

returning the Day number in Numeric format, allows to display the day name later in whatever language. 


It would also be nice to grab the week number (1 to 52) for a date or even a date for a day in a certain week number



Extention of the date-format is also an solution which you allready made but not in language I want (Dutch).  Or like Kuiky explaned with the connection to language selected?


any progress on this point ?

without a way to display a value and record the corresponding one...I´m bumping into a major issue.

I dont see how the end user would enter some "formated data... hope to build an App with that kind of limitation...

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Yes, I d like to have the feature;


 to retreive a day o the week (number 1 to 7), from a date.

i.e. 12/22/1982 = 4


from tadabase form rule I would then like to convert this number to a day.


if field "weekday" = 4 then display "Thu"

each form can then be localized in the respective language.

So it is BOTH needs STEP1 and STEP2 that needs to be satisfied in someways !



@Kuiky - I'd like to clarify are you simply looking to output a full date a day of week. 

So: 5/16/2019 should show: "Saturday" or are you trying to use these in formulas? I'd love to understand further so we can figure out how we should implement this.

As far as making it a number so it can be converted into any language, we can easily offer a way to customize the days of the week to your local language as well if that's all you're looking to do. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this ;-) 

1) I have been testing the WikiBook Method in "Google Drive" and it seems to work perfectly well - but - only on dates starting in ....1899  (not since 1563 as wiki states)

 I dont know if its a limitation of GoogleDrive since I could only test the formula in Sheets.

For dates prior to 1899 an error #NUM! is returned

2) it was used 4 lines of code but can probably be joined in to just 1 line.

3) Tested code is as follow - see image

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