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Field defaults using previous data entered

I would like to set the field default based on a previous record.

For example I will see a number of clients at one location before moving to a different location. 

So when I see my first client I will enter a Location of - say "Courthouse". When I see my next clients I would like the default Location to already be set to "Courthouse" to save me having to select it repeatedly.

I then need the ability to override the field default when I change Locations.

Is this currently possible?

Hi Moe,

Any progress on when this option may be available?



Hey Keith - as Menachem mentioned this isn't currently possible. However, you bring up a very interesting feature which I'll call "Default Rules" which I've now added to our timeline to be built after beta. 

Essentially it would work like any other rule where you can customize the default values of form fields based on certain selections! So when you select the dropdown of "Courthouse" you'll be able to pre-determine what default values should be places in the other fields on the form. 

Great idea and thanks for sharing it! 

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