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WHOA: you can create lookup fields and inner joins with the "Text Formula" field!


The "Text Formula" field has something of a hidden feature - if the table has a connection field, not only can the Text Formula field add values from within the table, it can also pull in values from the table it's connected to.

Ostensibly the Text Formula's purpose is for concatenation, but since it doesn't force you to add more than one value if you don't want, the Text Formula field can become a de facto lookup field.

If you want to get more ambitious, you can simulate SQL-style inner join queries on the front end by adding more Text Formula/Lookup fields to bring in more "foreign keys" and having a dedicated page (front end) table that displays just the relevant "joined" fields.

I'm actually a bit amazed that this feature isn't documented anywhere that I'm aware of, considering how useful it can be. Maybe it was added later (or *gulp* maybe it's an accident...)

And now I suddenly notice there's a "Connected Fields" menu for the table component in the page builder - is that new or was I just blind? I haven't tested it out yet but if it works like I'm thinking it does it might render a lot of the uses of my text-formula discovery redundant. Oh well! 

Glad you found this feature! We are currently working on perfecting it along with making it easier to use/understand.

This is actually not a new feature but wasn't easy to find and didn't always work as expected. We are working on making it more noticeable along with fixing any issues that it currently has. We will also be adding this to all components.

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Hi Guys...

if you d let me add a sugestion for this feature, I believe it could make it a litle bit clearer to catch its purpose when seen in the editor...

* See picture joined...

my 2 cents.

Glad Tadabase made it available anyway !!!


Kuiky - Thanks for your 2 cents! :) We love hearing suggestions from our users. I'll definitely bring this up at our next meeting. We're constantly working out ways to make navigating the builder easier and more understandable.

Hi Kuiky - in your attachment you mentioned you didn't know what to make of the "repeated 'User' ref."  The reference in parentheses is the name of the connect field. It's especially helpful when you have more than one connect field in the table.

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