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Sorting a table component on a connection field doesn't go by alphanumeric order

I've noticed that when sorting a table component on a connection field, the sort is based not according to the values within the field but rather (what seems to be) Tadabase's internal record IDs from the connected table, or at least by the order the records happen to be in on the databuilder.  This appears to be the case regardless if it's done in the "Data Source" options or on the front-end component itself.

Any chance we can get connection fields sorting by their values? The ID could be a selectable option on its own in "Data Source" as well.

You are right! I went ahead and checked it on our side.

I've escalated this internally and will get back to you with an update once its resolved.

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Hey S O,

This issue has been resolved.

Thank you for reporting it and happy building! 

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Thank you for your good job !

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