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Returning the date/time value of the most current related record in a connected table

I have a forums-style arrangement with one table holding individual user-generated posts and another that lists the subjects in which the posts are categorized. On the list table I'm trying to produce a field that returns the date/time of the latest post in each subject, and so far haven't had a lot of luck accomplishing this successfully.

Both tables have a connect field to each other - I've set up a record rule for when a user makes a new post to update the corresponding subject's connect field to match the auto-# ID of the post.  That way the table component should theoretically match the date/time of this latest post with the corresponding subject (I've attached the post's timestamp field to the subject table through "Connected Fields" in the component).

The problem, though, is that the update never takes and I can't figure out why. The post is made but the connect field value and the date remain the same. I've also tried just having the record rule update the date/time field directly but the same thing happens.


The above is a sample of a table component of posts populated on a particular subjects' detail page. The blue highlighted date/time field is the one I'm trying to bring over to the subjects table.


Above is a look at the subjects table. The component has added the date/time field in blue. In green I have the connect field right next to a MAX formula field that so we can see what the latest post ID for the subject really should be - you can see the two top records did not get their connect field successfully updated. The red is a count of posts per subject and is correctly reflecting newly submitted posts.

The "Latest ID" formula field doesn't update right away after submission, either, but eventually does after some refreshing. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but the connect field never does get updated.

I'm sorry I couldn't explain this all in a shorter post but I wanted to get in as much info as I could. I have no clue if there's a bug or if I've overlooked something in my approach. Any help is appreciated!

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Hey S O, 

Thank you for posting this.

We have actually discover a few bugs regarding record rules which has been reported by many users. During the course of this week we are restructuring all record rules and all record rule related bugs should be resolved, especially the "connected record" rules. 

We will update you on this forum once completed.

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