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For a many columns, Can I JOIN AND SORT 2 LINES of data for each records ?


I am facing this issue where there is so many colums that I copy/pasted a Table below the other, so that it displays the rest of the columns/infos ..for my records

Now, the record data is displayed as :

A 1

B 1

- empty space

A 2

B 2

When I would prefer it to be displayed as.... 





...and as 1 single Sheet. and not 2 sheets - that is without an empty marge (and the repeated REFRESH button) between sheets.

Is that possible ?



Kuiky -  This is on our list of things that we will add. As of now, we don't have definite time as to when this will be added.

Hi Kuiky, would tabs work with your situation?  (


Otherwise if it's imperative in your situation that all fields be visible on the page at the same time, I think you've likely reached the limit of the table component's abilities and the list component is the more appropriate solution. It might take a moment to get used to building list components if you're used to tables but it's actually not bad at all. 

In just a few minutes I was able to build your example in the "rows-within-rows" format you described using the list. The only lost functionality is the user won't be able to sort on the front end but that's really about it:


(oh, and viewing on mobile will arrange the fields vertically. I believe there should be a way to toggle that off if need be, but I haven't needed to do that yet).

Hope that helps! Working with big sets of data can be a challenge but hey, if we could always fit everything on one table we wouldn't need databases in the first place, eh?  :)

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Thanks again SO, I ll investigate that feature - it could be a solution - I will check out that work in my case..


thanks SO, YES , this was a good way to align datas column as needed.

Solution adopted for that case !

Thanks ,]

You're welcome, Kuiky, glad I could be of help!

I've dabbled in web development before and I think tadabase's list component and Detail Page are a great way to help people understand the relationship between webpages and databases and how account-driven websites like social media, etc. (as well as simple desktop & mobile apps, it's the same concept, really), get populated dynamically through database updates. 

Most resources have to teach all the coding first and THEN try to explain how it all goes together (or just leave it up to the learner to figure that out).  But tadabase presents the opportunity to learn development the other way around. I'm curious whether or not that would be an easier path for many people.

That's all a huge digression so I'll stop there. I think tadabase is REALLY cool!

Totally Agree, I love how Tadabase conceive the building phases and the features it offers at the right place and the dev. suggestions they agree to had to it.
Never found an IDE so close to the way I myself conceive the building itself !

It avoids so much coding and settings needed with other IDE before you even get to some Page results.

Its built very smart right from the start and surprises me every week !

Ichiban ! :)

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