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Joinining data from two Tables

Hi all,

I'm using tadabase to create a small PoC. 

I have imported two csv files and would like to join two two files based on a common filed (OEMs - main table, Models (sub-table)

What i have done:

- In data builder clicked the imported table OEMs. 

- "add connection" to create the link between the OEMs and Models.

- Select the Models in "join-table"

- Join type one to many (One OEM to Many Models)

Here is were the problems start. Looking into 'Records' for the table OEM i can see the new link i created. But in order for me to create working links between two tables i would have to add all models manually add the relevant link (Models) to the record. Is this as expected or am I doing it the wrong way. 

If i add the Models manually i can get the functionality i want.



Andres! Thanks so much for letting us know about this. Seems that most users are only importing one to one connections, we will have the ability to import and map one to many in the coming few days, if this is urgent we can prioritize it for you. 

From your description it appears you did everything correctly, was there an issue and these didn't map correctly? If yes, please let us know and we'll be sure to look into it and get it resolved asap. 

Thanks and happy building!

Hi Andreas, I think there's a typo that makes me not 100% clear what you're trying to do with the connection field. It's basically a dropdown-select field that limits the accepted values to those in a particular field in the other table. Is that what you want? Or are you wanting to create a lookup field that returns values from the other table according to another field that both tables share? There's ways to do that, too, if so.

Is "Model(s)" the common field or is there something like a "Model ID" field? 

Thanks for the reply Moe. Looking forward to try out the one-to-many connection. Do you already now know when you deploy to production?

Hey Andreas, my pleasure! 

We hope to have this one to many feature import feature completed this week. You'll need to modify your CSV and separate the values with a pipe "|" between each value that needs to be linked. I'll update you here as soon as this is completed. 

Thanks for your patience. 


@SO:  You're right there is a type.  Let me try to extendt the explanation a bit.

I have two csv files:

One with OEMS (BMW, Audi, Mercedes) 

OEM, Founded, ... 

BMW, 1916, ...

Toyota, 1926 ...

And Models;

OEM, Models, ...

BMW, 320, ...

BMW, X3, ...

Toyota, Avensis, ...

Toyata, Verso, ...



So what I am trying to achive is to have a main table with all OEMS where i have added the added the connection to the models csv file.  When clicking BMW i would like to see all BMW models in a new table i have set up using 'record details page'. In order for getting this to work I would have to manually select all models for each OEM in the dropdown-select menu.  Hope the explanation is a bit more clear.



Hi Andreas, I know it's been over a week and you may have moved on or found a work-around but thought I'd respond again just  in case.

This is essentially what you're looking for, right? A master "OEM" table that you can drill down to a Detail page to see that OEM's models:!/oems

Right now the way tadabase is set up it's a lot easier to do this by adding a connection field to the Models table, a one-to-one connection to the OEM table.

Now, you'll still have to populate that connection field but it's much easier because all you have to do is re-import the CSV file, have it match on the Model name and apply the CSV OEM field data to the table's connect field. (Specific steps below, if you know how already you can skip):

  • In Databuilder, select your 'Models' table > 'Records' tab > 'Import' button
  • In the Import window, select the CSV for your 'Models' table and toggle next few options as appropriate
  • When you reach "Select a field to match records", choose the field that contains model names
  • Hit "Next", choose the model name field on your table that will match with the field you just chose from the CSV, hit "Next" again
  • Now it will ask which other CSV fields to include, you only need the OEM names, in the dropdown under that field choose the corresponding "connect" table field and hit the "Import" button
Once you have the connect field populated you can add a new table component to the OEM detail page, and in the first step when choosing a datatable you'll notice at the top "Records connected to this page" and an option to choose the Models table with only the records that correspond to the OEM.


Let me know if that helps! Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I've been away from the internet the past week!

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