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DISPLAY TEXT B instead of TEXT A. - or Display customized TEXT ICON....

Following the Recent Display only ICON with no TEXT added option. :} !!

...and as a quick solution to provide a Translated text within a column inside a Form.

A - What would be the possibility of uploading for this purpose our own made TEXT ICON ?

As for now - only pre-made list of Icons seems easely available - as I have not found a list of Text icons - for months names - in several languages and no way to upload them ether...

or B -

Since it seems more tedious to try to set a TEXT ICONS Solution -

... rather than this,  adding an Extra Choice option like :

 ´Display TEXT B instead of TEXT A´

seems at the end more practical.

In this case  : if  the  VALUE A of field MTH is 7, than display instead VALUE B: JULY

or anyother language.

With an Extra DISPLAY TEXT B instead of TEXT A, 

all limited set of values - like Month names - could easily be translated.

*image SIMULATES a TRANSLATION in a FORM for month names displaying. 


I see what you're trying to do and we can easily add the option to "Set Text Value" as an option. 

We've just added this to our road-map and hope to have this done by Monday next week. 

Thanks for being so awesome and patient as we keep working on our platform!

Great, another big step towards localization indeed.


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