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How do I add two Radio Button Selections together so I can graph them?

On my Table I have setup a Radio Button field with a number of selections (see attached Graph 1).

This field is then displayed on my Form (see attached Graph 2).

I then use a Bar Chart to graph the results (see attached Graph 3).

So, for example  a Customer may attend and request the Service "Affidavit Family Court"

To complicate matters - one Customer may request three different services and to cater for this I have created extra fields so the Radio Button appears twice more (see attached Graph 4).

In my example, this same Customer then requests a service "Affidavit Oath of Service", AND "Affidavit Objection to Bail"

My problem is I would like to add the three selections together so I can show the total on one graph.

Is this possible - or do I have to have three separate graphs?

Graph 4.JPG
(56.7 KB)
Graph 3.JPG
(22.9 KB)
Graph 2.JPG
(14 KB)
Graph 1.JPG
(51.8 KB)

Hey Keith, very interesting! I can try to see if I can work out how this can be done with record rules and discuss this further internally but to answer your question, you are correct, you would have to have three separate graphs with this setup.

Hi Menachem,  Did anyone come up with a solution other than three separate graphs? 



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