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FORCING short column size on Reduced WIDTH

I am wondering when is the COLUMN FORMAT WIDTH taken into account by tadabase when one fixes the Column width to a smaller Pixel size than a content.

For instance.

    I am trying to reduce the Width to 5 or 10 pixels - expecting that a name like VICTOR, only be displayed as VIC... or similar.

but instead, it seems that my width fixed to 5  or 10 does not affect at all the Final result. 

The name is still displayed completely - with even more empty room.

There are other longer name values below this line...


 I could one  force the Grid Display to use MY fixed width all the time for that particular column ?

... I dont mind if the others columns beside use a larger flexible pixel width when resizing.


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At this time the minimum width of a column appears to be 30PX, I'm not sure why its updating and I'm looking into it. We'll update you soon about this as well. 

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