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Add a backup and restore option

Create a setting that will allow you to create a backup of your data and structure

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Absolutely necessary.

It is currently possible for users to make a copy of their app (and all of its data) via the main Apps screen.

1) Click on the Tadabase logo in the upper-left hand corner of the builder to navigate to the main Apps screen

2) Click on the "Copy App" button for the app you'd like to duplicate

3) When the "Copy App" dialog opens, give it a name and *enable the "Copy Data" switch*

4) Click the "Copy App" button

This creates a snapshot of your app and its associated data and is an effective workaround for the time being.

I add:

make it more difficult to delete an application.

The colors of the popups change,

adding a field to write "delete", like other programs.

After deletion, put the application in a list (trash can) ....

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