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UI - SAVE, CLOSE, DISPLAY buttons and Process on FORM saving


[Dont know what the next alfa editor looks like still}

This is more  a  of a change  request for the actual one...

There is probably a valid reason to be as it is now but I d like to see how to eventualy Simplify the SAVING process 

*while modifying a FIELD in Forms.

After modifying a Field one is offered the UPDATE button

then the SAVE Button to save ALL modifs - I guess

Would it be possible to - eliminate one of the two SAVE buttons - and its redundant like action - by replacing the UPDATE with a {Final} SAVE button maybe...

...removing the SAVE button at the bottom. 

or Vis Versa, removing the UPDATE button. 

Users would only press once the SAVE button and CLOSE the form to display it with all modifs.

Actualy, instead of the present CLOSE / SAVE buttons at the bottom - I would rather have a CLOSE / CLOSE and DISPLAY or SAVE and DISPLAY buttons.

{so I do not have to go one step back to ask for a result display}

***though I know you can press F5 on your browser  to get the same result

Another UI simplification would be to place those CLOSE / SAVE buttons on the TOP AREA of the Editor - rather than on the BOTTOM AREA of it,

One as to run the Mouse cursor all the way across the Screen each time.

whereas at the Top I guess it would be a much shorter run to Press it.


looking for to see the new editor...whenever


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