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Adding SYSTEM Tables Translation options

In order for the Web admin to offer Translated version of some DEFAULT Basic Tables:

There is a need for the admin to be able to apply some sort of new Layouts or to have the option to replicate some Pages under the section :



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The USER table will need to accept 1 Language Value that would be used to redirect a logged or subscribing user to a personalized profile or  Log In  or a 404 pages in its own language - or in a default one.

See few capture of what is possible so far and what is limited to a single language:  

 Looking forward to see those Added Layout or redirection possible...

tks :)

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Very interesting request! This is something we'll definitely consider once we are out of Beta. We are currently working very hard and are close to a stable release and we will get back to this at a later time!

Thank you so much! :)


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