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AFTER clearing HIDE MONTH Column - Month Does not appear anymore

After mistakenly Hiding the Month Column in the 


new TAB creation.

SHOW ONLY Momth is 7

HIDE column Month...  

I have cleared or removed the column name in the HIDE COLUMN and left it to the PLEASE TYPE

since that, the Month Column does not appear anymore in my Form,

Is that the normal behaviour ?

How can I make the Month column name display again with the Show July TAB still working ?


Hey Kuiky,

Can you please try to remove the filter and re-add it and let me know if you are still having this issue?


if you mean by removing - chose NO FILTER,

and then Activate FILTER again {where all preserved filters are activated again}

this is what I did.

After reactivation...month col is still missing from the Table.

I didn t DELETE all existing filters...

(6.27 KB)

No sorry, I meant like this (see image below)

Yes, deleting it that way, then recreating new filters worked !

only thing, had to recreate all 12 filters... :)  !!!

I'm happy to hear that worked but I apologize that you had to recreate 12 filters! We are actively working hard to bring Tadabase to a stable release and we really appreciate all of the posts, bug reports, and feature requests you send to us! 

Having a similer problem. 

Logged in users can not see summery information about data they have inserted. It is something to do with specific connections under Data Source > Filters.

When removing "Is connected to logged in user"  all information is shown that has been inserted by all users on any given month. So it should not be an issue about Filters and grouping. 

On Data builder tab on main menu and entering the Records tab for the same table, all records are inserted correctly.

Worked perfectly fine yesterday. No changes made past three days.

Hey Martin! Thanks for reaching out. This has been fixed.

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