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DUPLICATING a filter to the next column before further modif

I m facing a case where the only - easy - way to deal with monthly columns to Hide is by using a Filter.

*The other option was to create a Form for each month but that overloads the Form list too much.

That said, the only way I find to Hide 11 columns is to use an exclude xxx columns scheme in each filter from January to Dicember.

It isn t too dificult to create but it would be nice if I had a some  DUPLICATE BUTTON at the some Level so that very long syntax like HIDE columns  B,C,D....etc COULD BE REPLICATED to the next column, than slightly modified.

Not  having that option makes it quite time consuming to recreate - as long as I dont find another way to reach that goal.

---any other sug, welcomed ! 

See capture 

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I certainly see the importance for a duplicate filter feature and the use cases for this! I am definitely going to bring this up. I'm not sure exactly as to when our team can get around to implementing this but I will update you here when I do!

Thanks again for all of your ideas!!

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