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Option to add a url to an image including url variables


I would like to set the url or variables in the url to a field value for that record and set the options such as opening in a new tab/page.

So as an example a button with a fixed url with variables that come from the record so https://domain.ext?var_1={field1.Val}&var_2={field2.val}

So then clicking on the image opens the link/url with the current records value in the variables.

It would be good if it could use record field values that were not shown on the page, so either not present or at least hidden as for example one could be an ID which could be very long and look very messy on a page view.



Hey Dan,

There are several questions in your post, so I'll do my best to address them in order.

1) Customizing the URL/using field values with a link

Can you elaborate on what you're trying to accomplish on the "details" page that you mentioned? Many of the Tadabase components contain built-in details pages that can be easily linked without the need to set up URL variable linking etc. For example, the "Table" component comes equipped with a child page to show details for a given item in the table. I'd be happy to walk you through this in more detail if that accomplishes your goal.

2) Using an image as a link

We do support this functionality! To set it up, open any page and add an "Image" component. An editor will open automatically, and you can fill out the details as desired. At the bottom of the editor there is a toggle labeled "Enable Link" and if you turn it on you'll be presented with link-related settings for that image. Please see the screenshot below.

3) Specifying custom link options such as opening in a new tab or window

This functionality is available and can be found in the same editor as #2. Please see the screenshot below for more info.

Please let us know if this helps!


I have an Image Field (Not Component) in a table so therefore in a detail view, I then wanted to show the image (Possible) but setup a link when the image is clicked (Not Possible today), that link would be unique to that record so the url would use record field values (Ideally Hidden Fields) and the url and choose to open in a new browser tab/window so when you click on that image it opens a new browser tab with the url from the image with the variables from that record detail.

So yes you can do things with an Image component but why not also with the image field in a detail view??

So the option to have a link or not, then a link to the original image or custom then when custom options for new tab, current tab, etc. and the ability to use {{variables}} from that record, If original image then it just uses the default lightbox or whatever viewer is used in tadabase.



Hey Daniel,

You raise some valid points! As of right now the Tadabase builder does not support using an image field as a link when it's inside of a table. We do, however, support this functionality when it's inside of a list component. (I discussed this with my team today and are all in agreement that it's needed for tables as well.) In the meantime, if you'd like to use a list component instead of a table to show these images:

1) Add a List component (tied to the Data Table containing the image field) to the page.

2) Add an HTML component (via the blue button near the top of the screen) to the List component.

3) Edit the HTML component and from the "Add field" drop-down menu select the image field.

4) Manually add in the HTML tag for a link (<a href=""> etc.) to use the image as a link. You can also pass in other values from the Data Table in the URL as desired. Let me know if you need assistance here.

Hope that helps!


This is in a Detail View not inside the table but as above doesn't have the same ability as the Image Component but hopefully knowing you guys it will soon :)



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