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A VISUAL SCHEME to display exising CONNECTIONS between Tables ...and more.

As a big new feature...

One can see other IDE offering some Visual layout of the Tables, fields, connections, etc...

Dont know to what extend this would be possible to integrate to tadabase.

One main goal I find it usefull is ot the Table design/creation side of it.

Rather I think it would be very helpfull to double CHECK EXISTING CONNECTIONS between tables at a Global level, that is within the entire App.

In especial, if this could reveal all connections between tables in this way :

Table A to Table B - Blue Line/Arrow - {when no connection exist between both}

Table B to Table A - Green Line/Arrow - {when 1 conec already exist}

*necessary to allow Filtering option for logged in users.


*not meant to design connections or table this way, just to list/show them visualy

*See model pic

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