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OPTION TO PICK-UP real field NAMES from TABLE Fields list rather than from FORM


Facing this problem:

When building the HIDE filter for VARIOUS columns:

Names used in the pick-up List  are the Displayed name from the Form, not from the Table...

---  Would it be possible to use the TABLE.FIELD.NAME instead ??  ----

One reason for that is that on  a Form one might want to reference distinct columns with the same name.

Example : OUT / IN for Every Item that comes IN or goes OUT... every month.

But while building the HIDE FILTER, one faces an error prone CHOICE for not having a way to clearly diferenciate the very distinct FIELD NAMES from the TABLE.

...instead one can only choose among many similar repeated for each month:

 IN, OUT {for January},    IN, OUT {for February} ..etc 

:( :(

*Using Similar Names helps designing forms in a more compact way.

See pix for actual problem...

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