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Ability to AUTO-CLOSE MENU LIST - After Selecting a Page

If not yet an included feature present...

An option to LEAVE or CLOSE a Dropdown Menu after selection.

After user has selected a page using the ´LEFT 3 lines ICON´ opening a list of a Menu.

I could be interesting to enable an option to :

1) Auto-close the Menu List

2) Re-display only the ´3 Lines ICON´

3) Display the Selected page content below...}

This would force a user to re-click the ´3 Lines ICON´ each time it needs to go to another see the menu...but the Space Gain seems worth this extra work

As for now - The ICON Select Action will Display the Selected page - and above

the full DropDown Menu list - also - remains opened.

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menu 2.jpg
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You bring up a valid point! I'll bring this up with the team :)


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