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Plans to support ¨Libra¨ payment method in supporting countries.

The simpliest...the better...
I'd like to see a feature to link some Invoice made through tabadase to a way of charging customers using the future Libra money transfer mean.

i.e. Tadabase App produces an invoice that the end libra user can scan and accept to pay...payment goes direclty in the seller account beside invoice would then be marked as paid in the Seller Tadabase invoice list. and voila...:)

By having all the solution built-in tabadase, one would save a tremendous amount of time compared to set up each website owner its private payment processing for CC. !

(my own view)

Since it seems Libra could allow direct User to User money transfer it would be a big game changer not to have to go through all the complex Credit Cards set up process for a small website....

...Hoping still tha the Libra set up process could be simpler and with lower or similar cost processing, and that it will be accepted in as many countries as possible and as soon as possible...

hopes hopes hopes...


Thanks for any following about this...

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Hey there! Thanks so much for the suggestion! We have a number of ongoing internal discussions about payment support within Tadabase apps. As you may know we currently support payments through PayPal ( but I'll bring your suggestion up with our team so it's on the radar! If you have any additional questions or general feedback please let us know!


Dan Gerber

Director of Customer Experience

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