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Drop-down values conditional to in other field (via connection)

In the context of a bug tracker tracking bugs for different products I have the followin tables:


Product Versions


A product can have many product versions.

The bug table has a connection field to product. The user can select the product via a drop-down on the edit page. The bug table also has a connection field to let the user select the product version. I've attempted to setup that connection to the product table, by choosing the version field (itself a connection within the product table pointing to the product version records). But this does not give the drop-down I expect. Also, I tried setting the same connection directly to the product version table, but that does not give the output I expect either. What am I missing?

Attached is 2 screenshots of the connection graph. One for each of the variants described above.

Thanks for any help you may provide. 

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