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Combining Header or Footer : Content options.


While testing the PDF Alfa...

Would liove to see those fields added.




An option to combine any of them.

i.e. Footer = TEXT + TIME------

" Hourly Repports of something at 2:32:50 PM"


" Repport of datas - Page " 1 /4 Monday 26 - 08 -2019"

I ve used this way of titling forms for many years and this EXTRA Features helps sync with a Team...once you ve share many previous repports !

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DATE TIME Addition...

*Probably Tadabase would use a SERVER Time or system time set by the user.

It would be a plus if one could use a calculated Time instead.

I.E.   [GMT Time] +  [My Country+Time] = Printed Value oforPDF Date/Time.

in this way, a Report could display a distinct time depending for which country/recipient it would be sent to but reflect the exact time in each recipient/country

4pm in L.A. is not 4pm in Hawaii...

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