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Set a source Value Field for a DEFINE to ACTIONLINK

In Action links >

The ACTION Title can be defined to a Field Value.

But as for the Define VALUE of the Action Rule itself, one can do the same, and select the Value to be copied to a Connection field to be the same as a value already present in the same record line.

In the example, my only option is to Hardcode a denifed value to serve as a source value...

When trying to use the present Record field, nothing is copied..and the target ends up with an empty value.

Why could one not choose the Button Title (i.e. LINKLAND) - that can reflect a record field - and use it as the value to be copied to the targeted  Connection Field, instead of having to hard code this source value ?

See pix.

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Copying process of some Source Values to their Target Column using the TASK feature could speed up things a bit :)

...but since one cannot select an existing column as the Source parameter, Hard coding a value is still required. 

The Batch copying saves quite some time, but has to be modified for each country

that is  +190 times still !


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