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Rearranging fields in Data builder behaves erratic.


Neither Records nor Fields tabs on Data Builder behaves good. Seems Tadabase tries to fulfil the task but fields accommodate unpredictably.

That's occurring a lot of time ago.  So far I decided to write about this issue since this bug is very annoying, being this feature used almost anytime.

Still problematic although out of beta.

Really sick if your Forms contain lots of fields.

Add fields fall on 1st row. Then you have to drag down to the bottom of the form.

Rearranging, sometimes work sometimes not.

The only WIN for this software it can customise the size of column.

Add HTML is not an elements....You could not hide this SECTION in case the entire elements is EMPTY. ( NULL) or ZERO.

Really sad

I’ve experienced similar issues however the functionality ultimately works. I’ve never had any fields I couldn’t move, albeit had to move to a couple of other columns/rows to get to the desired location. Still a great product...I’ve worked with many.
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