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Ticket Response time


There are lots of bugs in the system, what is your ticket response time.

I have been posting in the forum but no response at all.

So the forum is not monitored?

Hi Andrew! 

We don't respond to tickets in the forum. The forum is intended for the community. 

On all non enterprise plans we don't give an exact time frame for support response, but critical questions are generally answered fairly quickly. I do see you're posting a lot and adding many bugs. 

We are out of beta but still have bugs. If you're unhappy with the way things are going, I'd be happy to refund you and you can check back again in a few months when you feel we're more suited for you. From the items I see you're posting none are going to be looked at in the very near future. We have some more important items we're currently working on. 

Would you like a refund? 



Hi Moe,

It is my fault. I will translate all the posting in forum into tickets.



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