Learn what each part of the app settings are for. 

General Settings

1) Name: Name of the app

2) App Icon: This can be useful when you have many apps and you would like to use an icon to quickly identify a specific app

3) App Description: The description of the app for your reference

4) TimeZone: The default time zone your app will use

5) Alpha Feature: Enable/disable the ability to preview features that have not yet been completed

6) Hide Help Window: Show or hide contextual help throughout the app builder

7) Read only Feature: Make your app read only so records can't be added or modified

8) Show Created With Badge: Hide/Show the "Created with no-code using Tadabase" badge

9) Default App: Set this app as the default app

Layout and Formatting

1) Page Container: Choose if the default page should be full width or fixed
2) Date Format: how dates should be displayed throughout your app
3) Time Format: define how times should be formatted

Domain Settings

1) Slug: the URL which the app reside

2) Custom Domain Name: Choose a custom domain to be used for your app Learn More

Use your app with a subdomain of Tadabase or use your own domain name. 

To use your app with a custom domain simple enter the domain name in the box. Don't include anything other than the domain name including subdomain if applicable. No "https://" or slashes.

If you'd like an SSL certificate assigned to your domain name, please open a support ticket and we'll create a custom SSL certificate for you.

App Security


Security is always our top priority and giving you more control over your data security is as important. 

1) App Auto Logout: Set your app to auto logout users after inactivity for a specified time period. You can further customize the message displayed when they're logged out of the app. 

Note: All user logins even with this disabled are only valid for 12 hours, this simply enables you to shorten the token lifecycle. 

2) Password Complexity: Various requirements for user passwords can be set using these options. Any combination of these options may be used to define the requirements that fit your app's needs.

3) IP Security: This option can be set up to allow or block a specified set of IP addresses in your app. 

For more information on configuring Security Settings, please see our Security Settings article.

SEO Settings

On this page you can customize the search engine friendliness of your app. 

1) Default Title: In each page of your site you can give the page a unique title, if a unique title doesn't exist in the page this title will be used. 

2) Default Description: This is the meta tag for descriptions of the site, for example when pasting a link in whatsapp the description will appear below the title. 

3) Default Keywords: Added to the source code of the page as a Keyword meta tag. 

4) Title Prefix/Suffix: If you'd like all page across your app to include a prefix or suffix to the title, add those here. 

5) Properties: Add custom key-value pairs as properties in the header section of your site.


Choose a custom theme for your app.

404 Error Page

Customize the error message that appears when a page that doesn't exist is attempted to be accessed. 

Custom Header Code

Add your Google analytics and other tracking codes here to be included in the <head> section of each page. 

Email Settings

Choose if you'd like for emails to be sent from Tadabase servers or from your own. 

App Variables

Create variables that can be placed in any HTML component Learn more

File and Image Settings

Choose if files should be saved to our servers, your Dropbox or Amazon account. Learn More

Text Message Settings

Customize which phone number is used to send text messages from your app.

Subscription Settings

Manage your Stripe subscription settings here. For more information on this feature, see our article on monetizing your app

API Keys

If you are utilizing our API, this is where you will generate your API keys. For more information on this feature, check out our article on getting started with API.